Hip & Fit MARGARITA Style - Color Charts

Color, Design, Mesh & Sizing Charts

While Margarita activewear is flattering, funky and fun it is also made from top quality material that is durable, breathable, and fast-drying. This fabulous activewear will not wrinkle, shrink, or fade. If feels great and flatters all body shapes making it one of our favorite lines! To ensure a great fit, see the charts below before selecting your items.

Sizing Chart

1= S- 32" - 36"  A - C
2= M- 36" - 38" A - D
3= L- 38" - 40" B - D
4= XL- 40" and up C & up

1= Small  size 0-4
2= Medium size 4-8
3= Large 9-12

Anyone who is a small or medium can also usually fit in the next size up or two depending on your true size it.  It just doesn't fit as tight.  

Color Chart 

 Color Embroidery Thread Chart

Embroidery Chart

Design / Print Chart

Mesh Chart

Fire Print

Retro Print

Water Print

Romantic print

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